• Cobb GEMS: Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science

    Intensive technology exploration program for teen girls

    Developed an intensive summer tech program for teen girls in Cobb County; the program’s goals were to expose young women to STEM careers, to teach them coding and programming concepts, and to teach them about free educational resources through the library. Received a $1600 grant from the Cobb Library Foundation for the program, which had about 40 registered attendees. Program partners included Women in Technology, Southern Polytechnic State University, and the Georgia Public Library Service. View the final report on LinkedIn.

  • iPad Deployment for Enhanced Library Service

    Developed training and technology adoption plan to increase public service points

    In 2013, the Cobb County Public Library System began the process of incorporating mobile technology into its public service practice, with the goal of seamlessly integrating the physical and digital collections for staff and patrons while at the same time allowing staff to break free from the desktop PC that has increasingly tethered staff to the service desk. The deployed mobile devices will employ the MobileCirc application for in-branch roving circulation, allowing access to the library patron and collection database as well as access to other library resources such as library databases and online resources for mobile reference. To realize this goal, the CCPLS purchased iPads for the program, prepared the devices for enterprise deployment, and designed a training and orientation process for staff at the branches implementing the service. The presentation documents the pilot program to evaluate successes, failures, and other unexpected accidents to identify best practices for the program. View the presentation on Prezi (also links to documentation).

  • Using Tech to Teach Tech

    Revitalizing staff training by engagement through digital initiatives

    This presentation, delivered at the Georgia Public Library Service Technology Bootcamp with Burr Osoinach and Jay Turner, emphasized the resources available to increase awareness and familiarity with digital tools and services. View the presentation on Prezi.